Saturday, April 26, 2008

Maureen Lovetro On Sean Hannity

Let me stress here that the We Are Change dolts are not "Democrats"; they're anti-corporatist so there is some overlap with liberals, but they're off on their own planet with the Ronulans.

Hat Tip: Walter Ego's 9-11 video blog, which I have been meaning to highlight for awhile. Go check it out!

Update: The WAC-Jobs are starting a defense fund:

Our first priority is the criminal defense of Gary Talis, now facing trumped up and completely liable 3rd degree assault charges. Additionally, those individuals and/or organizations who willingly submit falsified testimony must be litigated in civil court for liable, slander, defamation of character, etc. Matt Lepacek is also facing charges for disorderly conduct for expressing his 1st amendment right to publicly question Laura Bush in the last minute of the event as she walked off stage, and Sabrina Rivera has a upcoming court date with a provocateur harasser from ground zero after being clearly caught on video with Sabrina Rivera and Luke Rudkowski. In the past we have missed opportunities to defend our selves due to financial limitations; this is no longer an option when faced with public persecution by slander and the very serious false assault charges pending against Gary Talis.

Sounds like they've been listening to Boris the lawyer. Yesterday, Alex Jones had Officer Jack McLamb on his show, giving advice to Gary. One piece was particularly good; he recommended getting an out-of-state attorney. Although it might be a tad difficult to get even Lionel Hutz given the current size of the defense fund:

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