Thursday, June 26, 2008

How Will Obama Deal With Troofer Infestation?

Little Green Footballs has a post on Troofer Diaries at Some samples of the "thinking" going on:

Days after the bombing of the WTC, Bin Laden released a letter to the press stating that he had nothing to do with the attacks on 9/11, and wondered why the US was blamming him for it. Especially when they just visited him at the hospital. And in the so called confession tape of Bin Laden, there was evidence that it really wasnt Bin Laden recorded on that tape? Or maybe it is the fact that Condoleezza Rice called then Mayor of San Fran. Willie Brown, the day before the bombing of the WTC, warning him not to fly the next day? Or is it the fact that Marvin Bush, the brother of president Bush, made unanounced visits to the WTC, under the company name Securicom, and evacuated both buildings while there where drilling, or some sort of comstruction of some type, being performed to the under levels of both buildings. Then, days before the bombings, had bomb sniffing dogs removed from both buildings!! Or is it the fact that 100 billion dollars in gold, is still missing from the vaults of the WTC?

I am not going to criticize Obama for this; it's the downside of allowing people to post unmoderated over there. But I just saw that Team Obama erased a blog entry by a former Weatherman radical (no, not Bill Ayers). Okay, if you can take care of that, you can take care of this. Kos bans Troofer Diaries, and so should Obama.