Tuesday, June 24, 2008

These Are the People You Are Accusing

Truthers like to accuse abstract entities, like the "government" or "New World Order" of crimes, while pretending that they are not slandering real people. So in this excerpt from my continued reading of Firefight, I would like to point out the real people, the heroes, that they are accusing of covering up mass murder. From page 267:

Special Agent Tara Bloesch was assigned to set up the morgue. She had all the right experience- before joining the FBI, she'd worked as a forensic investigator near Philadelphia and as a parole officer in the city itself. With the FBI, Bloesch had helped run morgue operations in Kosovo and Serbia, documenting war crimes and mass graves, after NATO troops intervened in the war there in 1999. Her colleagues knew her as an articulate, tough Philly girl who didn't blanch at difficult jobs. She would keep the morgue under tight control.

O'Connor needed other people to work with her. He gathered several dozen agents on the lawn, near the helipad, to sort out who would deal with remains, evidence, and other aspects of the huge job. "Obviously we'll be doing a lot of human remains and body recovery," he announced to the crowd. "If you're comfortable doing that step over here. If you're not, that's okay, because I need people doing other things too." More than half the group moved to the spot he had indicated. Then he added, "This is not a normal event. If anybody needs to talk to someone, nobody's going to think any less of you."

Thanks to the heroic efforts of the investigators, all but one of the victims were identified. There were 5 sets of unmatched DNA, including a pair of brothers.