Thursday, June 26, 2008

Kevin Ryan Accuses NIST Scientists of Involvement in 9/11 Attacks

Earlier this week I talked about how the troofers like to keep things on an abstract level, accusing "elements within the government" rather than addressing their accusations against the actual people they are talking about. Well Kevin Ryan, who appeared on Alex Jones' radio show yesterday, along with Richard Gage, has pretty much broken that taboo. No wonder he got fired.

Ryan: What we do know is that thermite materials were found at the World Trade Center. Thermite materials are what we call pyrotechnics, or energetic materials, kind of like gunpowder where the fuel and the oxidizer are mixed together in one component. Much like that except it is more powerful. And as we learn more from the dust, we start analyzing the dust in the laboratories that are participating in this we’re finding just what kind of thermite was used. And so I have done some of that laboratory work, and we seem to be finding that interestingly the materials that were present there are linked to a good number of people who participated in the cover-up, NIST people and people who participated in the NIST report all have links to these energetic materials.

Jones: And people who help destroy building too.

Ryan: Absolutely, people who cleaned up the events, Mark Loizeaux, Loizeaux’s company, but also companies that are interested in what are called energetic nanocomposites. So, uhh…

Jones: Wow it just so happens that you got all the documents on that and Professor Steven Jones has talked about it. It just so happens with the scientific method you backtrack all of this and then lo and behold the very few groups involved in these materials are the very people cleaning up the mess and the very people who were charged with cleaning it up. Buy, that really sounds like a whodunit.

Ryan: It really is, and I tell you what, the more we look at this, along with a parallel investigation which is who possibly could have had access to these kinds of materials and just looking into the connections and so forth we find that given who we know had access to the buildings the Kroll Company and the Securacom Company and Marshall McClellan, you know companies that either established the security for the building or were tenants in the particular areas that had failures, and we also look at who had access to the types of materials we’re finding in the World Trade Center dust we’re able to start patching together some really plausible explanations. Not exact yet, but small series of possibilities, so companies like Scientific Applications
Incorporated right, they were the company, you know, I am sure you know that company.

Jones: Oh… For our listeners go over it.

Ryan: This was the company that supplied the largest contingent of investigators to the NIST World Trade Center investigation outside of the government.

Ryan and Gage are on there to ostensibly discuss the "leaked NIST report", which they portray as claiming that the fires were virtually out, save for the "suspicious jet of flame" shooting out. Of course they fail to note that, except for in the movies, neither conventional explosives nor thermite causes huge jets of flame.

It gets even more bizarre beyond that, Ryan comes up with a "spray on explosives" theory that the explosives were unwittingly sprayed on the floors during a renovation in the towers years earlier. Jones, meanwhile rants on about "the debunkers" every 30 seconds. Apparently Mark Roberts is a bigger concern to him than Dick Cheney. What an honor.

And Jones by the way, still doesn't know how to pronounce Uzbekistan properly. Could one of you troofers do me a favor and explain this to him? I have a hard enough time listening to this idiot as it is.

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