Thursday, June 26, 2008

McCain Answers Question on Gadsby

The Troofers are all expressing astonishment at Senator John McCain's response to a question about Blair Gadsby's hunger strike for 9-11 Troof.

"I appreciate this opportunity, Mr. McCain, to ask you a question," said a man attending the town hall meeting at Xavier University in Ohio. "Part one is in regards to the articles of impeachment brought up by Kucinich for Bush. What your stance is on that as far as manipulated intelligence to form the policy. And then the second is Professor Gatsby from Arizona was outside your office for sixteen days and didn't eat solid foods. I was wondering if you agreed to meet with him for the two hours he requested or does he have to be a corporate owner with multi-million dollars to meet with you."

McCain said he did not agree with impeachment, and as to Gadsby:

"I did not" meet with him, McCain said. "Because I don't take well to threats."

The nutbars wonder how a non-violent thing like a hunger strike could be considered a "threat". But of course what is a threat? It's when somebody makes a demand of you (in this case two hours of McCain's obviously valuable time), accompanied by an "or else" (in this case "or else I will continue my hunger strike in front of your office").