Wednesday, June 11, 2008

You Too Richard?

All the truther celebrities go through an arc of fame worthy of a teen pop star. Remember when Jim Fetzer and Judy Wood were the face of the movement? Dylan Avery once was profiled in several national magazines, now he can barely get anyone to watch his movie for free on Google video. Richard Gage, his house in hock and his wife having left him, has been the hot property lately, with an impressive 19 appearances in the last 3 months according to his website.

What does the future bode though? Well it looks like he is cooling off, with just a pair of appearances (venue TBD) over the next three months.

Well at least he can visit with Pat in Phoenix.

His recruiting isn't going as well either. Despite claims that everyone who hears his lecture is convinced, and despite adding every electrical and software engineer he can get his hands on his list of "engineers" is stuck at 403, with only 3 months, to the day, to go until September 11th to get to his promised 1000.