Sunday, June 08, 2008

German Talis Follow-Up

Been off for the last three days serving the New World Order, so I haven't had time to blog, but Phoenix New Times journalist Stephen Lemons let me know that he had managed to get a copy of the charges filed against We Are Change member German Talis. It appears that the troofers have been going around claiming that he was not charged with assaulting a girl in a wheelchair. They are of course, lying. See troofers, this is what real investigators do, something you wouldn't know anything about. You can find the original document here.

On April 22, 2008, at about 21.00 hours at Lexington Avenue and East 92nd Street in the County and State of New York, the Defendant committed the offenses of:

1. PL120.01(1) Assault in the Third Degree (1 count)
2. PL20530 Resisting Arrest (1 count)
3. PL110120.00(1) Attempted Assault in the Third Degree (1 count)

The offenses were committed under the following circumstances:

Deponent states that deponent is informed by John Lovetro, of an address known to the District Attorney's Office, that informat observed the defendent strike informant in the face with informant's closed fist, causing swelling, bruising, bleeding and substantial pain. Deponent is further informed by informant that informant observed the defendant strike informant's daughter, Maureen Lovetro, and eighteen year old girl with Cerebral Palsey who was sitting in a wheelchair, in the leg with defendant's closed fist. Defendant further states that while placing defendant under arrest for the above described offenses, defendant resisted by refusing to get into the deponent marked police car, and by attempting to pull away from deponent.

It is actually even worse than originally reported, with the resisting arrest charge in addition to the original assault.

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