Monday, July 07, 2008

BBC WTC 7 Documentary Hits The Mark

Wow. What a terrific job they did on this episode of Conspiracy Files; I'm thoroughly blown away. In the first half I thought they were almost too sympathetic to the Troofers, giving them a lot of airtime. But this decision to be more rigorously fair than most shows on the movement actually turned out to be justified by the incredible amount of evidence they presented to debunk the loons.

There are so many good moments in the show that I know I'm going to miss a couple but here are a few favorites:

1. The footage of WTC 7 and the lobby after the first tower collapsed. It's one thing to read Peruggia's account; it's quite another to see it firsthand. Remember, WTC-7 was at least partially shielded from the South Tower by the North Tower. An amazing amount of damage and unbelieveable amount of dust and debris.

2. Chief Nigro's statement that the conspiracy theories are obscene. Amen.

3. Mark Loiseaux noting that thermite is far too unpredictable in timing for his demolitions.

4. The explanation for the building's collapse. I had leaned towards the diesel fuel being pumped into the building and the transfer trusses. Of course the Troofers will go nuts on this because they will continue to deny that there were significant fires in the buildings.

5. Hearing the Hardfire "Live Free or Die" song starting up in the background. That got a laugh from me. Good point by Mark about how the Truthers never put their nonsense into a coherent account.

Terrific production! I have heard that this program will be airing in the US at some point in September. I highly recommend it. I commented that the History Channel special was Hiroshima for the Truthers; this was more like letting the air slowly out of their balloon.

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