Thursday, July 10, 2008

Fruitcakes At McCain Townhall

Covered by the fruitcakes over at Raw Story.

"Now, many Americans believe that that 'new Pearl Harbor' event took place on 9/11," the questioner went on, as McCain grimaced slightly. "And according to a recent New York Times and CBS News poll, 84% of Americans believe that there were some criminal elements of our government involved in 9/11."

Calls of disapproval began to arise from the audience, but the questioner shot back, "Hold on!" and continued asking McCain, "Can you tell us about your role as -- hold on -- as president of the 'New Citizen Project,' founded in 1994, which served as a chief fund-raising and parent organization to PNAC? And is this one of the factors that has made you so reluctant to support the victims' family members and first responders who are begging for a new investigation into 9/11?"

Ah, yes, the usual misrepresentation of that old poll. In fact, only 28% of the respondents in that poll thought the government was mostly lying about 9-11, and even that seems to be quite an outlier. To get the 84%, they're lumping in those who felt the Bush Administration "are mostly telling the truth but hiding something" and even the "undecideds". I don't think the kooks agree that the Bush Administration was "mostly telling the truth", with the possible exception of Jon (I'm all over the map) Gold.

McCain quite sensibly tells the questioner that he was one of the sponsors of the legislation to create the 9-11 Commission and that he's proud of the work they did.