Tuesday, July 08, 2008

What Does Jon Gold Believe?

I honestly don't know. He argues that 9-11 Truth isn't just about controlled demolition, or a missile hit the Pentagon, but that it includes "just asking questions" and air quality issues. But at the same time, he believes "elements of the government were complicit in the attacks."

More than any other Truther, he hides behind the family members (particularly the Jersey Girls). When asked to explain his theory on Opie & Anthony several years ago, Jon started in with some story about how Bin Laden's brother was involved in some arranged marriage scheme, but the federal government flew him out of the country while the rest of the country was unable to fly. Of course, this latter bit is wrong; the Bin Ladens left the country after the flight ban was lifted.

In this video, he asks people to get angry, not that the Troofers need much help with that.

Let's track the claims made:

1. "Elements of the government were complicit in the attacks."

2. "There are elected officials in government today who know the truth and don't speak it."

3. "The media is (sic) well aware of the deception and they don't bother to cover it."

(An aside: Gold asks why the President did not want an investigation to reveal what happened, so that they could take steps to make sure it never happened again. Of course, Gold is making the usual Troofer mistake of assuming the 9-11 Commission was the investigation. It was not. And the government did take steps to make sure it never happened again, as revealed by the fact that it has not happened again.)

Well, you can already see the problem, right? Despite Gold's swearing up and down that he's not an evidence guy, he's already accused unnamed elected officials and the entire media of being in on the cover-up.

Update: Here are some videos Gold made to counter the BBC's claim that they were about to answer the final unanswered questions about 9-11:

As you can see, it's mostly procedural questions. It's not hard to understand why the administration might not want to answer those.

As you can see here, Gold is reduced to doubting quotes from the administration and pushing the "there were plenty of warnings" crap.

In this one, Gold actually pushes the pathetic "DeMasi and Bellone found the Flight Data Recorders at the WTC line". One more time, Johnny:

FIRE MARSHALS ARRESTED a self-proclaimed "honorary firefighter" for allegedly touring the country with pilfered FDNY gear to promote a 9/11 book, officials said yesterday.

Michael Bellone, 51, of Brooklyn, who volunteered at Ground Zero and later collaborated on a book about the experience, showed off the equipment during speeches to schoolchildren, authorities said.

After fielding complaints, FDNY investigators questioned Bellone and discovered that a breathing mask, air tank and other gear he was using had been missing from the department since October 2001, officials said.