Friday, August 15, 2008

Alex Jones: Corsi's Trutherism Mainstream

Well, the pushback from the Troofers has begun:

Here’s a newsflash for the New York Times and the mindless Obama cult members who think that questioning 9/11 is “controversial” and “undercuts credibility” - skepticism of the official 9/11 story is shared by the majority of Americans - according to the New York Times’ own poll on the subject!

In fact, it undercuts Obama’s credibility, in particular his meaningless sound bite platitude to stand for change, that he and his minions would so aggressively support an establishment position on 9/11 that even the government-appointed 9/11 Commission disbelieved.

An October 2006 CBS/New York Times poll found that a mere 16% of Americans thought the U.S. government was telling the truth about 9/11. A further 53% thought the White House was “hiding something” and 28% said they were “mostly lying”.

Of course what Jones' flunky Paul Watson doesn't mention there is that the 53% cited, thought the government was "mostly telling the truth but hiding something", which I doubt Alex and the rest of the fruitcakes would agree was their position.

Look, this is easy. If Corsi's position on 9-11 is so mainstream, how come he left it out of his preface (essentially a c.v.) in Obama's book? Surely he would fly his Troofer flag proudly? In fact, he didn't even mention his fruitcake position against the imaginary North American Union.

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