Monday, August 18, 2008

Forgotten, But Not Gone

Mike Gravel's name came up again over at 9-11 Blogger and Daily Kos. One of the (UK) Times' reporters on the Sibel Edmonds stories earlier this year is Joe Lauria. Lauria also helped Mike Gravel pen his inevitable memoirs so that he would have something to point to in case people responded "Mike Who?" Hilariously, the book, entitled A Political Oddysey, released in May, is currently, shall we say, not on the best-seller list at Amazon. It's #298,907 in books. It has five five-star reviews, one of which is by Mr Lauria himself, with helpful tidbits like this:

The fear mongering and militarism of the 1950s were back, the cloud under which we still live. The victors in that militarist restoration started with small probes: a landing on Grenada here, an invasion of Panama there, working themselves up to a limited ground campaign in Iraq in 1991. By 2003--just 23 years later--the resurgent militarists, with support from their courtiers in Congress and the press, felt bold enough to try for a Vietnam-sized invasion--in Iraq.

So Lauria's kind of a nut himself, and he connects two other nuts; Sibel Edmonds and Mike Gravel. It makes that Sunday Times piece I linked to months ago make a little more sense; I always wondered how they got suckered into publishing Edmonds' nuttiness.

Lauria's also a blogger at the HuffnPuff, and here's his latest conspiracy theorizing about the Russian invasion of Georgia:

Who benefits most from painting this a revival of Soviet-era aggression?

John McCain.

Ah, cui bono, the favorite of conspiracy kooks everywhere.

Update: Title of post changed by suggestion of longtime friend of the blog, Triterope.

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