Thursday, August 14, 2008

Jerome Corsi, Truther, Take Two

Boloboffin's been doing a great job with this:

I am surprised that none of the liberal blogs have been picking up on this situation. Look, I support John McCain; I was among the very first Republican bloggers to endorse his campaign, the day after the 2006 elections. I do not support Barack Obama. But Corsi's toxic, and sooner or later everybody's going to realize that fact.

I can't push this up the line like I could if it was about the author of a book slamming conservatives. So if you're a liberal and have some cred as a commenter at a major liberal blog, I suggest promoting this video.

UPDATE: The New York Times' Caucus blog gets the story:

Among the follow-up efforts to Jerome R. Corsi’s “Unfit for Command,” which inspired the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth attacks on Senator John Kerry in 2004, is “Obama Nation.” But the conservative commentator’s book about Senator Barack Obama appears to have distracted him for another project he was planning in January: exposing what he calls the government’s lies about the 9/11 attacks on the World Trade Center.

UPDATE II: Turns out Alex Jones' show was one of the more reputable outlets where Corsi appeared:

Perhaps Corsi’s most telling appearance, however, has been on The Political Cesspool, an overtly racist, anti-Semitic radio show hosted by self-avowed white nationalist James Edwards. Corsi was interviewed on the Cesspool on July 20 and is scheduled to appear again this Sunday, August 17, joining a recent guest roster that has included Christian Identity pastor Pete Peters, Holocaust denier Mark Weber and former Klan boss David Duke.

Sounds like he'll fit right in.