Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Not Why We Do It, But....

Nice to hear about nonetheless:

I was sucked in by this 911 conspiracy crap for over two years of my life. It nearly destroyed my sanity. I watched loose change and it really disturbed me. After that I watched everything I could on the subject, except what contradicted it. I didn't know there was so much stuff out there that does. It was at a very vulnerable time in my life when first saw loose change, and I think that's what gave it the impact it did in my mind. Anyway, I am so relieved to be free of this madness at last. I owe it to Screw 911 Mysteries for this. 911 ' truth ' really is like a cult. It was hard to break out of it.

More at the link. Kudos to the Doc and Kate.

Like I always say, we don't look at our function as deprogramming. We're here as a resource for those who might be on the fence, who've just seen Loose Change or 9-11 Mysteries and thinks that there might be something wrong with it, but that it seemed pretty convincing.

And kudos to the anonymous letter-writer, who's gotten his life back!