Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Now They Get Coverage...

This is hilarious. Yesterday it was New York Magazine, today, it's the Gothamist, covering Les Jamieson's failed attempt to get a new 9-11 Commission on the ballot. However, true to form, they both fail to report the failure.

They currently have over 25,000 signatures from New York City residents, and volunteers are fanning out around town, with another (rival?) group, We Are Change, staking out the World Trade Center site (pictured above). So are they just a crowd of unhinged conspiracy theorists locked into a reflexive, anti-establishment world view that’s as paranoid as it is adolescent? Or, rather, vigilant citizens with the clarity see through the all jingoistic lies that thinly veil Dick Cheney’s treasonous agenda? Discuss!

Never mind that Jamieson has thrown in the towel on 2008 on his website.