Saturday, August 02, 2008

Numbers Watch

Just a couple brief bits that didn't seem worthy of their own posts:

1. 9-11 Flogger's traffic continues its collapse at freefall speed. July 2007 traffic was 231,100; last month they did 169,260, a 30% decline.

2. After our post last weekend about the pathetic ($22.22) fundraising for the 9-11-08 festivities from the We Are Change (budget $20,000), somebody (my guess is with the initials A.J.) went over there and plopped down another $500. Six more days have passed and the current total is $522.22.

3. Box Boy Gage claims to be at 419 licensed architecture and engineering professionals in his clown posse. That's up 24 since May and 8 in the last 11 days, a substantial improvement. It should leave him only 550 members short of his goal of 1000 by September 11, 2008.

4. Les Jamieson's latest deadline for signatures for the NYC 9-11 Ballot Initiative has come and gone with no word from Les on how many signatures they actually garnered. However, we know they were only at about 20% of their target of 100,000 signatures last month. Yet another failure by the Troofers, their 37th consecutive fiasco.