Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hire Me, or Someone You Have Never Heard of Will Hold a Press Conference

One of the things about the troofers that constantly amuses me is how they view themselves as so important.  The latest example of this is Kevin Barrett getting Bob Bowman to petition the University of Wisconsin to hire him as their own nutty professor.

On Tuesday, July 29th, the head of the "Star Wars" space weapons program under two U.S. presidents, Dr. Robert Bowman, will ask State Legislators to request the re-instatement of Dr. Kevin Barrett as a University of Wisconsin instructor. 

Col. Bowman, a rocket scientist with a doctorate from Cal Tech who flew 101 combat missions in Vietnam as a fighter pilot, will present his request to the legislature at a press conference in the State Capitol building, Room 330 Southwest, at 11 a.m. Tuesday 7/29/08. 

Kevin Barrett, the target of a 2006 witch-hunt by State Rep. Steve Nass, has not been rehired at UW-Madison, despite his repeated applications for open positions, since he finished teaching his controversial Islam course in fall 2006. His most recent application, for the spring 2008 semester, was rejected in favor of a less-qualified and less-experienced applicant. 

Does this actually work for anyone?  I have been turned down for jobs that I think I should have received.  I am going to get someone to hold a press conference on my behalf.

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