Saturday, August 02, 2008

Troofer On a Plane

Doltish Troofer disrupts a flight:

Twenty-six-year-old Jason Robo was arraigned Thursday on charges of disorderly conduct and interfering with aircraft operation.

A flight attendant on the Delta flight to Salt Lake City on Wednesday found homemade stickers that read "9/11 was an Inside Job!" on a bathroom sink and on the tray table for Robo's seat. The plane was evacuated, and takeoff was delayed for three hours.

He is apparently a student at Humboldt State University in California. This spring, impeachment proceedings were held against him:

Jason Robo, a political science and economics senior, sits on several councils along with serving as legislative vice president for Associated Students, for which he chairs the Associated Students meetings. He sits in on the Academic Senate, University Curriculum Committee, Education Policy Committee, and the Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force (ADAPT).

And that doesn't include his work for NORML (the National Organization for Reform of Marijuana Laws). The stated reason for his impeachment was that he was missing too many meetings, but reading between the lines, it's not hard to see that he was being a pain in the butt:

He said he also feels disrespected in that he voices his opinion, and "airs [AS's] dirty laundry on the quad," which people don't like.

"I feel like a piece of furniture, because I can't do my job the way I see it," he said.

Moron Robo's annoyance factor here:

Jason is probably one of the most despised students by the administration in the history of Humboldt State, and how can you blame them? The dialogue he creates can, at times, become hurtful and completely derogatory. I'm not trying to justify bias towards a student but you have to think what the viable options are, as an administrator, when they are constantly insulted by a single student.

And despite the participation on the Alcohol Drug Abuse Prevention Task Force, yes, it looks like this is another confirmation of James' Willie Nelson Theory:

Here's his old profile on one of those social networking sites. Note the name: Hookahaddict.

He's a blogger; profile is here:

HyperActivist/scholarly revolutionary, against the New World Order. @ Humboldt State University majoring in Political Science/Economics & history minor. Corporate minded administrators destroy so-called social and environmental justice institutions, overpaid fat-cats cut classes, fire lecturers & raise class sizes; degrading education while enriching wallets. Elected in a record election into student government on a revolutionary platform & later marginalized by a sellout president, illegally impeached, illegally removed from an election as a re-do was initiated.

Here he is "asking a question" of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.; like all Truthers he wants to read a book before actually getting around to the question.

Where's a security guard with a taser when you need him?