Sunday, September 28, 2008

The 9/11 Narrative

As debunkers are always pointing out, conspiracy theorists have fervently avoided coming up with a 9/11 narrative. With leading figures such as David Ray Griffin specifically warning them not to do so. As a result the best narratives that have been done are parodies, like that of Matt Taibbi. Whenever they do attempt to do so though, they end up sound like paradies, for example this discussion of United 93 from the increasingly inaccurately named "Veterans for 9/11 Truth" mailing list. I will leave the name off to protect the guilty.

Fight 93 was shot down and it landed at Cleveland. Let me clarify. As the "Operation Northwoods" document (blue print for 911) points out. They rendezvoused a drone painted to resemble, somewhat, a commercial airliner, and containing incendiaries/explosives. Once it intercepted the flight path of 93, the original flight was diverted to the international airport at Cleveland. While it was in route, the drone was, for what ever reason, shot down near Shanksville, Pa. It was either shot down by an eager pilot they failed to exercise control over, or Cheney decided that it was better for the plan as it had unfolded to that point to bring the drone down. Because that was what was found near Shanksville. It was certainly not a commercial airline.

According to the Cleveland papers and United Airlines, the people aboard flight 93 were evacuated after it landed due to a reported bomb threat. They were apparently evacuated to a government/NASA hanger.Most likely they were killed to provide bodies for the morgue. They would need bodies to support their cover story of a commercial airline, flight 77 hitting the Pentagon, another lie. I don't recall, but can look it up where they said the 911 bodies were shipped to. I think it was a morgue in Northern Virginia or somewhere in Maryland.