Thursday, September 25, 2008

David Ray Griffin Continues to Doubledown on Idiocy

David Ray Griffin is on Alex Jones' radio show pimping his new conspiracy book.

Well let me just mention some of the other things where I bring the story up-to-date. So in the second chapter I focus on flight 11 [sic] and the Pentagon. And there you know the support for the official story has been the eyewitness testimony the people who say sure we saw a Boeing airplane a 757 coming in. And in this I show that there is an enormous amount of eyewitness testimony of people on the ground both inside and outside the building far more than we had before, saying there simply was no plane. People come and it is just like Shanksville they look around and say well where is the plane? You would think you would see something.

Of course this is simply selective citations. Yes, there were plenty of people who never saw evidence of a plane crash, many commented that it seemed like it disappeared, because the devastation was so complete. Many, however, were witnesses to the plane crash. The authors of Firefight interviewed over 150 people. Has Griffin interviewed that many people? Has he ever interviewed a single eyewitness?

As I mentioned before, they cited the first responders who picked up the body parts, who found the airplane seats, who pulled the engines out of the Pentagon, or found the black boxes, but he would rather cite people who actually have no evidence instead.

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