Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Bob McIlvaine

Once again, a "Truther" (and a father of a WTC victim) talks about how nobody wants to talk to him because they know he's going to start in again with the 9-11 conspiracy theories. Bob goes on about how many friends he's lost because of his involvement in 9-11 "Truth", about how very few of the family members are "Truthers", etc. But it's okay because he's talking about how lousy his normal life is compared to how wonderful he feels in the company of fellow Truth Cult members.

He confirms some of what we might expect. McIlvaine was apparently a prominent member of Peaceful Tomorrows, a group of antiwar family members of 9-11 victims. He talked about how great it was getting on television in Columbia. Okay, so Bob's a tad leftist in his politics; that fits for much of the middle-stage 9-11 Truthers; those who came on board in 2004 and 2005. Dylan's film brought in the youngsters who were more politically apathetic or libertarian.

There are three other parts of the video starting here.

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