Monday, September 29, 2008

Fabled Enemies Part III: Dancing Jews

Alex Jones had mentioned a few months ago that this was the first film he'd been involved with that went into the Israeli connection. We get the story of the lady who phoned the police about the five dancing Jews outside her apartment. We get Michael Rivero, of What Really Happened talking about them. We get the supposed van full of explosives stopped outside of Manhattan, and the Israeli art students mystery.

(Note: The dancing Jews existed. I don't mention this much, but a client of mine who's Jewish and fanatically pro-Israel was the first person I talked to on 9-11 and his immediate comment to me was, "Now you know what Israel goes through every day." So I can imagine some Israelis reacting in an inappropriately celebratory manner, knowing that America had discovered what terrorism was all about.

The van full of explosives on the GWB did not. I don't know the truth or falsity of the Israeli art students story. If we catch Israelis spying in the US, I'm 100% in favor of arresting and imprisoning them.)

We're told that the Israelis routinely spy on the United States; this seems to be true from everything I've heard. The question is whether it's really sinister or just an example of the (justified) paranoia of that tiny country. I don't approve of their actions, but I understand them, and I would be the first to say that Jonathan Pollard should not be released.

Jason assumes that the Israelis had a prior knowledge of 9-11. He notes that one of the dancing Jews said that their purpose was to document the attacks; as somebody noted in the last post on this, the news cameras of CNN, Fox, ABC, NBC and CBS were also there to document the attacks; this does not mean that the news media knew beforehand.

This is another "Merry Pason" confession. The conspiracy theorists all seem to think that evil people are compelled to blurt out their guilt on TV.

We get something about a van exploding on King Street between 6th and 7th; this is the first I've heard of that. Then there's a discussion of an Israeli company that does the billing for most US phone calls. Carl Cameron points out that this means that they could track people; all very true, but you'd need a starting point.

Overall, Jason puts a lot of dots in this section, but does little connecting.

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