Thursday, September 25, 2008

Griffin Dishoners the Victims

The issue where some of the conspiracy theorists pretend that the list of victims published by CNN is a "passenger manifest" is such a blatant example of dishonesty that even other conspiracy theorists, a group hardly known for their self-awareness, have called them on it. That still doesn't stop David Ray Griffin from lying about it though, employing his usual brand of absurd logic, in a podcast named Electric Politics.

Kenney: One of the points that I think people are wondering about that probably could use some clarification is what is the difference between a passenger manifest and a victims list and whether there has been confusion about that. I am not sure that that is really the cornerstone of any of your arguments because you show how the government has changed the names and identities and so forth of the alleged hijackers so many times that regardless of whether the original list may have said it doesn't really matter, but still has that been a question do you think?

Griffin: Well you know, some people have started making that distinction. I am not sure that distinction wasn't just created after the fact that none of the manifests that the airlines put out at the time had any hijackers names or any Arab names whatsoever. But be that as it may, the fact remains that we have no evidence of any list that has the name on them. And we have evidence that when they say that they had identified the hijackers immediately that they are lying.