Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Lies, Damn Lies and Kevin Barrett

As the old saying goes, there are lies, damn lies, and statistics. This poll by Kevin Barrett fits in the first 2 almost as much as the last one.

22% of the people living households with two registered voters in Ron Kind’s congressional district (3rd district, Wisconsin) think 9/11 might be an inside job, according to a scientific poll released today. The poll was conducted by Voice Broadcasting, Inc. out of Arlington, Texas, and was commissioned by the Kevin Barrett for Congress campaign.

22% of registered voters in Ron Kind’s district represents about 64,000 voters.

The exact wording of the poll question was:

“Do you think it’s possible the 9/11 terror arracks [sic] were an inside job?”

OK, well 22% is certainly higher than the 4.6% that they came up with previously, but look at the question:

“Do you think it’s possible the 9/11 terror arracks were an inside job?”

Well, OK, if you made a good enough argument I might agree with you that it is possible, but there is absolutely no proof that it is true. What type of an idiotic poll asks not what people think about an issue, but what they think is possible regarding it? If you asked whether UFOs are possible I would say yes, but you won't see me making a pilgrimage to Area 51 any time soon.

He continues this pseudo-questioning with another question.

The poll also found that 47% think that the Bush Administration might be telling significant lies about what happened on 9/11, and 24% think the Bush Administration may have known about the 9/11 attacks in advance, and let them happen on purpose.

Once again, they might be. I don't believe they are though. There is no evidence of it, but it is theoretically possible. And yes, they may have known, but there is nothing to show they did.

Incidentally Barrett was also in the news today. Now he has something in common with his campaign advisor Rolf Lindgren, in that they have both been arrested lately.

U.S. Congressional candidate Kevin Barrett, a former one-semester instructor at UW-Madison, was arrested in Madison Tuesday for violating a restraining order filed by his wife, Fatna Bellouchi.

According to Madison Police Officer Lori Chalecki, Barrett turned himself in to police after violating the no-contact provision of his restraining order.

On Sept. 10, Barrett was charged with domestic abuse following a criminal complaint filed by Bellouchi.

According to the complaint, Barrett struck his 14-year-old son several times in the back and threatened Bellouchi with clenched fists.

And the conspiracy theorists wonder why debunkers don't publicize our names and addresses.