Thursday, September 25, 2008

Missing The Point

Arabesque finally notices that David L. Griscom is a slight embarrassment to the 9-11 "Truth" Movement.

Now granted, Arabesque is trying to clean up the more unsavory elements of the fruitcake brigade. But get this:

Now what's interesting is that within the same month that this article was published, we have SLC pointing it out... The article came from Griscom's homepage. So within two weeks, someone found the article and forwarded it to SLC and it was then ridiculed.

Yes, and for something like 17 months nobody did anything about it. I brought it up quite a few times. As for "somebody found the article and forwarded it to SLC", I don't recall how I came across Griscom's nutty paper, but my first guess is that I got it from Nico's news aggregator, which used to have a watch for 9-11 Conspiracy Theory tags. From the way Arabesque talks about it, this was some sort of operation that we planned to discredit the kooks.

We don't have to work at that part; they give us plenty of material without our having to expend significant effort. And the idea that Griscom's reputation can be rehabilitated by taking down the paper is silly; he's radioactive and so are the others who rely on him for crediblity, including Steven Jones:

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