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WAC-Job Truther Murders Own Father

Oh, my, just when you thought it couldn't get any worse for the We Are Change crowd, what with beating up girls in wheelchairs and European Members of Parliament and forcing the evacuation of a passenger plane, it just got a whole lot worse:

The son of a prominent Colorado Springs doctor, who's accused of stabbing his father to death, is under suicide watch. Dr. Edward Fitzgerald was killed in his own home early Thursday morning, and now more disturbing details about this shocking crime are coming to light.

The probable cause affidavit shows that 36-year-old Sean Fitzgerald told police he stabbed his dad to death while his mom slept in the same bed.

Here's a discussion of Sean Fitzgerald over at the Jack Blood Forums as of a few weeks ago:

In this impromptu episode of Visibility 9-11, Michael speaks with Sean Fitzgerald, an active member of Colorado 9/11 Visibility and We Are Change Colorado before he and his family moved to Thailand. Sean and his wife, Allyson, have been working in Mae Sot, Thailand. Allyson, Sean's wife works for the renowned Dr. Cynthia Clinic that provides free care for Burmese refugees, and Sean has been teaching Thai children to prepare them for college. They have a 6 year-old son, Cirian, for whom Sean is a most devoted father.

Sean has been outspoken in Thailand about 9/11 information that contradicts the official story. Lately, he has clearly noticed that he was being followed by people he thinks are Thai military intelligence. This morning as he was riding his bicycle, Sean was chased by at least two suspicious, official looking vehicles and in the process of trying to elude them, was hit head-on by a truck. He thinks that this incident was not accidental.

He is now being treated in the Mae Sot Hospital with a spinal injury. He is rational and thinking clearly. He thinks that at any moment, he could be arrested, as military intelligence personnel have been entering his room, observing him, and then leaving. This happened once during this interview.

I love that "rational and thinking clearly" bit. Update: Whoever wrote that Sean was rational and thinking clearly had not listened to that conversation (MP3 file) between Sean and Michael Wolsey. Sean drifts in and out of reality during that phone call. It's extremely disturbing, especially at the point where he says he's talking to his father about getting on the Alex Jones show.

A commenter who's a friend of Sean's pops into that thread with the bad news:

Sean was my friend for nearly 30 years. In the last few years he has become increasingly paranoid, constantly rambling on about some kind of conspiracy.

Shortly after this interview his father gathered him from Thailand. After he had been home for several days he burst into his sleeping parents' room late at night and fatally stabbed his father.

So you tell me what kind of conspiracy was going on here? Did the Thai police brainwash Sean and make him murder his dad? Or did he imagine the entire thing because he was delusional, paranoid and psychotic? What do you think is more likely?

Indeed. The We Are Change Colorado people had a post up about Sean's Thailand troubles; they've scrubbed it from their site, but Google still has it in cache.

Kudos to Troy for pointing this out; apparently Manny posted about it on the My Debate with Jon Gold comments, but I missed it among the many posts there.

We've pointed out in the past that We Are Change appears to be morphing into a criminal organization. It is now time to consider whether WAC is an organization for the criminally insane.

Update: More info here:

"We're all in shock, those of us who know him are in complete shock that this could've happened," said Fran Shure, who knows Sean Fitzgerald through Colorado 9/11 Visibility. Fitzgerald was active in the group, which believes the government's not telling the truth about what happened on 9/11.

"The only way that my mind can make any sense of this whatsoever is that his head injury.. has somehow caused a psychotic break, a complete psychotic break," Shure said. "That seems to be the only answer, for friends who knew him as an intelligent and sane person. He's the last person in the world, that any of us would have expected this kind of behavior from," said Shure.

Yeah, because he'd never seemed nutty to Fran the Fruitcake.

Update II: The more I think about this, the more nauseated I get. Yet another "Truther" has demolished his family with his insanity.

Update III: This is too spooky. Apparently his dad did call in to Alex Jones about his son, on Alex's November 4, 2008 show, beginning of the second hour:

Alex: Ed in Colorado, go ahead sir.

Ed: (garbled) show and he's a big supporter of you, and he's in trouble. He's in Thailand.

Alex: Who's a big supporter?

Ed: My son, Sean Fitzgerald. He's a member of Colorado 9-11 Visionaries (sic) and We Are Change.

Alex: Yeah, they're great folks, what's up? What's happening?

Ed: He's in Thailand and he's been chased by paramilitary police and he's taken refuge in a medical clinic in My Sa (phonetic) Thailand and he called me and asked me to call you. He called me about an hour ago. I been on... I called you immediately--

Alex: Well, how are we going to help him in Thailand in a medical clinic?

Ed: He thought maybe there's some way you could call attention to his--

Alex: I've got a sneaking suspicion he was caught taking videotape of things in a country that isn't so free.

Ed: No, he's a stay-at-home dad with a son and his wife's--

Alex: No, I'm not saying your son's bad, I'm just--can't imagine why they're after him.

Ed: Is there anything that you can do?

Alex: Well, I mean, what's the specifics?

Ed: He said that last night he got chased by some paramilitaries and got injured and he was taken to the medical clinic where his wife works and now he's afraid to go out of there.

Alex: Yeah, he's being chased by the youth corps [Refers to Jones' nutty belief that Barack Obama is going to institute a youth corps in the United States that's going to be paramilitary in nature]. One of their local militia brigades.

Ed: I--

Alex: You want to tell people where the clinic is? Have you called the US embassy?

Ed: No, I haven't.

So they decide to have Ed call the US embassy. You can listen to this segment here, courtesy of Walter Ego. Later on, Fran the Fruitcake gets on with Alex.

Update IV: A commenter claims that Fitzgerald was never a member of We Are Change. Not so:

Update V: Local news video here, which notes prominently the 9-11 Troof connection (including the deleted page at 9-11 Flogger) without making the obvious connection that Fitzgerald was a paranoid nut.

Will this be the first case to raise the "9-11 Truther" defense, a la the famed "Twinkie Defense" that got off Dan White in San Francisco?

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