Monday, November 24, 2008

Stupid 911 Blogger Comment O' the Day

OK, I am not normally expecting to be impressed by the towering intellects over there, what few people actually comment after they banned everyone, but this idiocy by one of their regulars in response to the recent Ziad Jarrah video, surprised even me.

NBC makes it seem that all that was needed was just a little additional peer pressure, to turn the disco dancing, beer drinking ladies man Jarrah into a suicide pilot.

Jarah apparently could not keep a straight face. The recording apparently felt like a Saturday Night Live skit for him.

Meanwhile, there is not one witness, fingerprint or confession placing Jarrah behind the controls of UA 93.

They crashed the plane into the ground at 500 MPH killing everyone on board, exactly how many witnesses, fingerprints or confessions are they expecting to get?