Wednesday, December 03, 2008

My Evening With David Ray Grifter

I wasn't feeling very well, and almost didn't go, but I ended up making the trek tonight down to Olympia to see David Ray Griffin speak. I had actually made up some flyers on the scientific method to pass out, but due to my low energy level and lack of motivation to argue with idiots on the sidewalk, I just went in and waited for the show to begin. Most of the speech was the standard stump speech that he has been giving since 2004. I swear, if I hear him say that the hijackers were not on the flight manifests one more time I am going to scream... Oh wait, I kind of did.

I wasn't intending to interrupt, but I guess I overestimated my tolerance for idiocy, so I ended up overlooking my more polite upbringing and pointing out his lies rather aggressively on a couple of occasions (OK, 3), which Mr. Griffin and his die hard fans did not appreciate much. Although I rather doubt they object much when We Are Idiots do the same thing to much more significant people. The time I lost it the most was when he repeatedly stated that in order to do what he did Hani Hanjour would have had to be a "ace pilot". I don't recall exactly what I said, but it went something along the lines of "Ace pilot? He crashed his plane how exactly does that qualify you to be an ace pilot?". I also almost lost it when he said that killing Barbara Olson was important to get everyone angry because everyone knew her from CNN. Oh yeah, Americans didn't care that terrorists killed 3,000 people and destroyed half of lower Manhattan, but when we found out that they killed a minor celebrity... I bit my tongue though and kept it to muttering under my breath.

Strangely enough, because I had vigorously expressed my opinion Griffin invited me up to ask him the first question. I had several in mind, but knew I wouldn't get very long, so I limited it to the follow-up question from Osaka regarding how the bodies from AA77 ended up in their condition in the morgue. Needless to say he completely avoided explaining how this could have happened, and it was difficult to even get through the entire question without him going off on irrelevant tangents. In what was probably his most honest, albeit disturbing moment, he did give a definitive "yes" response, to widespread audience applause, when I asked him if he was accusing FBI Tara Bloesch, who was in charge of the morgue at the Pentagon, of perjury.

I must say that Griffin appears much older in person, even though I was sitting only a few feet from him, I didn't even recognize him until someone addressed him by name. Outside of his prepared speech he stammered and weaved around subjects. Once when asked about false flags he referred to how it led to the "Tonkin War", causing a confused murmur in the audience. The woman sitting behind me asked her friend "Tonkin War? Does he mean Tonkin Bay?" I finally couldn't take the idiocy anymore and yelled out, "It is the Gulf of Tonkin." Only a few minutes later he then repeatedly stated that Obama had promised to move into Afghanistan. Uhh, don't look now, but I think we have already done that.

I shot some video on my digital camera, although I don't know if I got anything interesting. When I get a chance I will take a look and post it if so. There were plenty of troofers recording there though, so I am sure my ugly mug will end up on some troofer "most wanted" poster. I don't know if I will be going to anymore of their events any time soon. Maybe I am just getting old, but my tolerance for lies and stupidity has worn thin.