Monday, December 08, 2008

The Old Pearl Harbor Part II

William Woodward, the University of New Hampshire professor who came under fire in 2006 for being a 9-11 fruitcake, returns with a letter to the editor. And he leads off with Pearl Harbor Troof:

Robert Stinnet's book "Day of Deceit. The Truth about FDR and Pearl Harbor" reveals that Franklin Roosevelt not only let the attack on Pearl Harbor happen, but provoked it over a period of 14 months. At the time, the public was only 17 percent in favor of intervention against Germany. Roosevelt secretly had an eight-point plan drawn up to lure Japan into an act of war. The fleet was left exposed, and Japan's oil supplies were cut off. Roosevelt even conspired to prevent the available intelligence from reaching the admiral in charge. In historical hindsight, it turns out to have been a PsyOp, a psychological operation to turn the public into support of a World War against the Axis powers Germany, Japan, and Italy. Two days after Pearl Harbor, the U.S. Congress declared war.

Actually that's not quite what Stinnett (note spelling) claims, but it's reasonably close. Stinnett actually says that a memo was written suggesting eight acts that the Roosevelt Administration could take that would lead the Japanese to war. Stinnett says Roosevelt actually did all eight acts and thus the Japanese attacks. He does not have evidence that Roosevelt actually saw the memo.

At any rate, Woodward then ties this into Operation Northwoods, and then presents a jumble of "evidence" indicating 9-11 was an inside job:

Amazingly, standard operating procedures were not followed by NORAD on 9/11. Fighter planes were directed out to sea. War games over Canada paralyzed the air defense system on that very day. The collapses resembled controlled demolitions. Firefighters reported multiple synchronized explosions. Molten metal remained for weeks afterward. No kerosene fire has ever melted steel. A steel-cutting explosive called thermate was found. Videotapes of the airplane that hit the Pentagon were confiscated and not reported. Flight 93 was apparently shot down and its debris covers miles. The executive director of the 9/11 Commission Report, Phillip Zelikow, is a Bush crony. The CIA trains terrorists around the world and is linked to Osama bin Laden. Bets just prior to 9/11/01 that the stock price of United and American Airlines would drop ("put options") show insider knowledge.

Well, not quite 100% wrong, but close enough. Thermite is not an explosive, and was not found. The videotapes have been released although they do not show the airplane with the exception of the guard shack footage. Flight 93 was not shot down, and the only debris that scattered for miles was paper which could easily be blown into the air by the crash and picked up on the wind. The CIA does not train terrorists, and is not linked to bin Laden, and the put options were not evidence of insider knowledge. You can argue about NORAD's operating procedures, and whether Phillip Zelikow is a Bush "crony". But he does get the planes were directed out to sea bit correct; unfortunately that was NORAD's standard operating procedure.