Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Is Obama the False Flag Anti-Christ?

Inquiring minds--strike that, inquiring balls of mud want to know:

The incoming President, Obama, will come into the office having complete and total control over everything. He will have a dem house and senate. The position of President has been given undisputed dictatorial power over all branches of Government and the American people.

Why would the elites give him so much perceived power when they support racist eugenics programs?

Maybe, there is a chance they plan on making him out to be their Judas...maybe, possibly even their so-called antichrist?

I would not be shocked to see Obama become the "Great Tyrant" of our generation. I would not put it past them to create a false-flag antichrist.

You know, I voted against Obama. But even I never suspected that he was the false-flag antichrist, I swear!