Sunday, January 18, 2009

Kinda Edgy, Kinda Nutty

That's Barry Taylor, a talk show host in Toronto. He starts out with Zeitgeist, which is an IQ test, and if you think it makes sense, you failed. Entertaining as hell as I commented when I watched the first section (on how Jesus is Osirus), but when they got into our wheelhouse with the 9-11 nuttery it was pretty predictably bad, as Barry will proceed to prove with his post:

“All the World’s A Stage” is the second chapter of Zeitgeist. September 11th. What really happened on September 11th? There are lots of questions surrounding the day that are never seriously addressed in the main stream media. Even if the steel was melted by the jet fuel there are still some glaring omissions. For instance…

The steel was not melted by the fuel. There's a double diversion in there. For starters, the steel does not have to be melted for it to collapse; all it has to do is lose its strength, which it does at a much lower temperature than melting. And the jet fuel only ignites the fire in the towers; very quickly it is the contents--the plastic, the paper, the wood--that is heating up the steel in the building.

* Why was building 7 not included in the 9/11 Report?

Building 7 is mentioned several times in the 9-11 Commission Report. Its collapse is not. So what? The collapse of St. Nick's Cathedral is not mentioned in the 9-11 Commission report, although it, too, was a casualty of the terrorist attacks.

* Why did Bush and Cheney not have to testify under oath?

Because they wanted to be able to lie and get away with murder without committing perjury? I mean, seriously. You think they did this, and yet you quibble about whether or not they were under oath?

* Why was the molten steel not mentioned in the 9/11 Report?

Because it was most likely not molten steel, but other molten metals like aluminum?

* How did the plane that crashed into the Pentagon manage to completely vaporize yet the bodies aboard remained in tact for fingerprinting?

They did not remain "in tact" (sic) for fingerprinting. They were identified from small pieces of flesh and bone via DNA testing.

* Where did the funding for the attacks come from?

Sadly the 9-11 attacks involved only a small fragment of the money that flowed through the Al Qaeda network. The total amount spent on 9-11 by Al Qaeda was somewhere around $500,000.

* Why is the security footage from the nearby hotels, showing the plane crash into the Pentagon not allowed to be released?

Ancient history here. The Doubletree footage has been released.

* Why did the terrorists really attack? Because they don’t like Americans? Why?

No, they love us. Osama listed three reasons in his fatwa against America: the presence of US soldiers in Saudi Arabia (after the first (1990-1991) Persian Gulf war), the sanctions by the US against Iraq after that same war, and US support for Israel.

* There’s absolutely no evidence linking Osama Bin Laden to the attacks. Who is responsible?

This is that old pile about how Osama's FBI Most Wanted Poster doesn't mention 9-11. Again, as we never tire of pointing out, the FBI presented extensive evidence that Zacharias Moussaoui was guilty of foreknowledge of the 9-11 attacks, and they're about to present more in the KSM trial, whenever that happens. Bin Laden and KSM have admitted on numerous occasions to have planned the attacks. There are numerous martyrdom videos by the various hijackers.

More evidence:

* Dick Cheney, the man who didn’t have to testify under oath, was running exercises with NORAD during the attacks on September 11th. NORAD is supposed to be the defense for such terrorist attacks.

It's minutiae again, but Cheney was not really running exercises with NORAD that morning. NORAD was ending a three day shadow exercise of Russian forces in Siberia that never got under way on 9-11.

* Dick Cheney was once CEO of Halliburton, a company that made billions off the wars that were justified by the attacks of September 11th.

Dingdingding! Nice to see some actual truth from a Truther!

* No modern steel structures have ever collapsed as a result of fire. Three did on September 11th.

Kader Toy Company Fire. Enigma Business Park Fire. Delft University Fire. Google.

* All three buildings collapsed in the exact same fashion completely into themselves.

False. The Twin Towers collapsed at or about the points of impact of the two planes. Far from collaping "completely into themselves" they caused billions of dollars of damage to surrounding buildings. The Truthers seldom mention WTC-3, a 23-story Marriott hotel that was demolished in the collapse of the towers. The Winter Garden, and World Financial Center 3, which were 500-600 feet away suffered enormous damage.

WTC-7, on the other hand, collapsed largely from the bottom, but also caused enormous damage to the Verizon Building and Fiterman Hall; the Verizon damage was over $1 billion and Fiterman Hall has to be demolished although it is still standing and unoccupied the last I heard.

* No plane has ever vaporized when crashing into the ground yet two did on September 11th: one in Pennsylvania and one into the Pentagon.

Jet Blue?

* There was the original story of the passport flying through fire, and debris and onto the ground and then being found by an American official.

It was found on the ground by a passerby and handed to a policeman. But the FBI knew well before that popped up who had been the hijackers on Flight 11.

Hat Tip: Emailer Dave.

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