Monday, January 12, 2009

The One Thing the Right and the Left Agree On

Is that if anything comes from a Troofer, it's inevitably nutty.

Pravda publishes an article claiming that we're headed towards a new ice age. A couple of conservative blogs have linked it uncritically:

Pravda has more credibility than Al “Oscar, Grammy, Nobel” Gore.

Now several people have criticized the article based on science, but several have gone with the "nuclear" option of destroying the credibility of the writer, Gregory F. Fegel. And how have they done it? You guessed it:

Yet another point made is that the author of the artile in Pravda is also a 9/11 conspiracy theorist. Tim Lambert notes that “this doesn’t bother NewsBusters’ Noel Shepherd one little bit”

How delicious that an America-hating Truther who contributes to Pravda has a firmer grasp of climatology than Nobel Laureate Al Gore, James Hansen, Gavin Schmidt, and most of the folks at the IPCC.

Yes, the right wing denialists don’t care at all why they quote as long as it supports their biases. The rest of us are far more likely to trust the work of scientists at the IPCC rather than a conspiracy theorist writing for Pravda.

I would remind you that many conservatives wrote off Phil Berg's lawsuit on Barack Obama's birth location, the minute they learned that he was a 9-11 Troofer. And Obama's campaign itself successfully used Jerome Corsi's flirtation with Trooferism as a nuclear debunking of his book, Obama Nation.

Yep, if there is one thing both sides agree on, it's that if the information comes from a 9-11 nutbar, it's automatically suspect. I can't tell you how pleased that makes me.