Saturday, February 07, 2009

Fruitcake of the Month

Truthers stopping by in the comments often ask me why I insult them with terms like "nutbars" and "fruitcakes". And the answer is that I'm being kind. The other option is "frauds", as far as I'm concerned.

For example, let's consider Mr Bjorkman's thoughts that made him the flavor of the month at the Architects & Engineers. Talking about the upper section of the North Tower:

However, you have to treat the upper part structure/stiffness in 3-D and then it becomes very springy - like a sponge; light structure of elastic material full of holes able to absorb water. It is quite difficult to destroy a sponge dropping another sponge on it. The other sponge bounces.

No kidding, the guy just compared 15+/- stories of an immense office building to a sponge. But you could argue that's an improvement over Bjorkman's previous analogy. In a post over at JREF, Bjorkman (known as Heiwa over there) compared the two towers to pizza boxes:

Thus you need 110 pizza boxes. You stack 95 of those boxes on top of one another and glue them together (to represent the butt welding of the wall columns). Each pizza box is evidently loaded with a suitable pizza, so that the compressive stress in the walls becomes representative (e.g. 30% of the buckling stress all the way).

The result is a 351.5 cms high tower of pizza boxes that you glue to the bottom support, e.g. a floor. Let's call this tower A.

The remaining 15 boxes are similarily glued together and loaded with pizzas to represent the 55.5 cms high upper block, we call it B, that will drop down on the pizza box tower A. You evidently fit a roof and a little mast on B (the antenna of WTC1) and why not attach a US flag on it?

So you tell me. Nutcases, right?