Saturday, February 07, 2009

Podcast of James B Versus Jason B

Is available here. It's a honking 149 megs in size; I have not yet checked to see if it's better audio quality than the web stream, but I will as soon as it finishes downloading and report.

Update: Moderately better, although I do think they could easily drop the bitrate down to 64 bps given the talk format and the mediocre sound from the phones.

LOL! At about 12 minutes in Bermas mentions going back to his old high school and being appalled at seeing a urinal target with Bin Laden's face on it. And that's what sparked his interest in 9-11 Troof!

It's the case of the urinal douche!

Update: Walter Ego has put up a trimmed version on Blip TV.

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