Saturday, February 07, 2009

President Obama Meets With Family Members

Including the Jersey Girls, which leads to the obvious question (not answered in the article): Did Patty Casazza tell him about her mystery informant? The one that told her that the government knew every detail of the attacks beforehand?

Lorie Van Auken, a leader of September 11th Advocates, a group headed by four New Jersey women who lost their husbands in the attacks, called the meeting "impressive," saying Obama gave detailed answers to their questions and allayed many of their concerns. She said the president did not rule out some form of military commissions in the future and acknowledged shortcomings in dealing with terrorism suspects in regular criminal courts.

"He acknowledged this was quite a mess and it really needed to be looked at by his legal team and by him," said Van Auken, whose husband, Kenneth Van Auken, was killed in the World Trade Center and whose group supports closing Guantanamo Bay. "I think everybody recognized, no matter which side of the issue they're on, that this is a quagmire that will not be solved easily."

Mindy Kleinberg, another member of the group, said Obama also made clear that "nobody is just going to get freed by the closing of Guantanamo."

Did any of them say anything about how they want Bush and Cheney prosecuted? Or is that just the sort of stuff they murmur to Jon Gold and company?

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