Friday, February 06, 2009

Screw Loose Change on the Radio

I am am still a bit ambivalent on whether to debate truthers, there is the downside of granting them undeserved credibility versus getting information out to people who may not have heard it. Regardless, I decided to accept an invitation to be on one of those Internet radio shows, called the Final Round between 7-9 PST this evening. My sparring partner will be Jason Bermas, former producer of the Loose Change movies and current Alex Jones protege. Supposedly they are going to accept callers during the second hour, and a podcast is going to be put up, so it should be entertaining.

Update: The number to call in is :1-877-Revere-0 (1-877-738-3730) I wouldn't bother to call just to ask me a question though, you can do that any day.