Saturday, March 14, 2009

Catherine Austin Fitts: Somebody's Been Poisoning Me

She doesn't come up much these days; she's passe among the troofers, but apparently she was one of the original board members of

She hasn't lost her paranoia. On a Pacifica radio station the other day, she claimed that she had been poisoned four times in the past.

Starting about 18:00 in:

Fitts: "In 2004, I wrote a letter to Condoleezza Rice about 9-11, that got picked up by UPI and sort of caused consternation to the administration and then June 14th I had litigation against the federal government. We won the big case against the federal government on June 14th and I got a signal from my lawyers that the Department of Justice wanted to settle and I had arranged a Swiss bank account because I didn't want the money in the US. I was just concerned that once we won and anybody had to pay us, they'd pull another dirty trick. So I faxed the signature pages back to the Swiss on June 16th and suddenly, Dennis, the next two days, Halliburton was the number one user on my website by a huge amount, not a little amount but a huge amount and then that third day I was poisoned very badly. Some of my doctors think they were trying to kill me."

Host: "You were poisoned?"

Fitts: "Yes."

Host: "What was the poison?"

Fitts: "We don't know. I was poisoned four times during the litigation. Three were arsenic and the fourth was probably a lead concoction; we can't figure it out. We know what my tests show. The normal lead content is 1.7 times, my original was 47. My nutritionist couldn't believe I could even walk. But it was pretty bad and when things like that happen, you're busy trying to survive, your not busy trying to 'Oh, how can I document this?' Because these aren't the kinds of things you can document, we're talking or goes--you know how do you call? You can't call the local police, you can't go see the Department of Justice. What do you do? You do the best you can, but you're in a situation which we're all in. The government is no longer the authorities we go to when you're in danger. They're the Sheriff of Nottingham. We need to run and hide from them, protect our assets from them."

The host does not suggest that she seek professional help with her paranoid delusions; instead he suggests that perhaps she was one of the people targeted for assassination by Sy Hersh's attack baboons. Errr, no, wait a minute, people targeted by Dick Cheney's assassination squad that Hersh made up late this week.