Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Alex Does Watchmen

Badly. Apparently he things Ozymandias (which he pronounces "Ozzy-Mandamus") is the supposed hero of the book, and that he gets away with his plot at the end. Of course, Dr Manhattan does kill Rorschach, but when Ozzy asks him if it all worked out in the end, the Doctor replies "In the end? Nothing ever ends, Adrian. Nothing ever ends." Which causes Ozzy to ask nervously, "Jon! Wait! What do you mean by..." but Dr. Manhattan has already left.

We sense what he meant in the novel's closing scene. Irony of ironies, the publisher of a conspiracy theory newsletter, a character that could clearly be based on Alex Jones had the book not been published when Jones was still a teenager is about to (unknowingly) publish excerpts from Rorschach's summary of the plot.

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