Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dumb Troofer Questions

Troofers of course like asking questions. It is the answers they have problems with, and usually because the questions are pretty stupid. One excellent example of this is this comment over at 911 Blogger regarding the 5 defendants at Gitmo admitting their guilt, yet again.

"Some of the men had said earlier that they planned the 2001 attacks and that they wanted to be martyrs."

If these guys wanted to be martyrs why didn't they fly "the planes" themselves? (Or at least buy a ticket and take the ride to heaven?)

Hey genius, at least one of them did try to. Ramzi bin Al-Shibh is believed to have been the 20th hijacker, he just couldn't get a visa. The lead plotter Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, could not participate directly in the plot obviously, since he was on the run since 1994 for his role in planning Operation Bojinka.

One can also get an idea where the troofers stand by reading their defense of the accused:

I posted it here to show what we are up against. Years of torture, brainwashing etc. These patsies probably think they did plan it.How many exposed to this propaganda believe it?

I agree Joe

The torture and brainwashing must have been something. I
feel sorry for those poor guys. I can imagine their lives must
have been a living hell. It just goes to show you how sick our government and their NWO controllers are. They must be stopped.

So what are you guys doing to free them then?

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