Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Kevin Barrett Back Inciting Muslims Against US

Well Kevin Barrett, to whom asking "are you still beating your wife" is not just a trick question, is back from his temporary retirement, and is now trying to convince his fellow Muslims that the US it out to get them. Odd, I seem to remember serving in Bosnia, and Dick Cheney never once told me I was on the wrong side.


“The best jihad is a word of truth flung in the face of a tyrant.”

Prophet Muhammad [Sunan al-Nasa'i #4209]

We have lived with calamity for seven years since the so-called terrorist attacks on September 11 2001. At that time we were told that evil Muslim fanatics has committed suicide in the process of killing thousands of innocent civilians. The events of that day ushered in a dark new era. For many Muslims it has meant death and torture, for others loss of livelihood and imprisonment, and for others, as yet untouched by disaster, it has meant public ridicule and mistrust, a sense of gathering

We have observed large numbers of Muslims in the West pretending that life is therwise normal, that all will soon be well again, that this will blow over. They are like ostriches with their heads in the sand. They hide from reality in order to preserve their enjoyment of the Dunia.

You know that suicide is forbidden in Islam. You know that harming innocent civilians is forbidden in Islam. You know that the source of these prohibitions is the Qur’an itself . Yet you continue to believe that “Muslims” were involved in the terrorist attacks? Ask yourself if the alleged motivation of the hijackers could possibly be true. Is it possible that actual hijackers could expect “72 virgins” after violating two of the most fundamental prohibitions in Islam? Come now. Is it possible that the hijackers were all “jealous of our freedoms?” What freedoms?