Friday, March 13, 2009

The Obama Deception Released

Old leatherlungs' latest mockumentary. I kind of expected this documentary to be more palatable to right wingers, but in fact Jones admits right up front how critical he was of the Bush Administration. Conclusion: Jones is trying to hold on to the fans he has, not reach out to new ones.

Predictably the "Truth Action" folks are refusing to have anything to do with the movie, but not because of any distaste for Jones' tactics or substantive disagreement with the message of the movie. Nope, they're pissed because Jones features Webster Tarpley in the movie, who engaged in a little warfare with Jenny, Arabesque and Cosmos over the Kennebunkport Warning fiasco.

I imagine the Jones film will have plenty of valuable information and this decision should not be taken as an attempt to suppress the material (as if that would even be remotely possible). But simply as a matter of principle, there is no way in hell that this site will be promoting this blatant disinformationist who, to this day, has never retracted nor apologized for his laundry list of lies.

Personally, I imagine the Jones film will have plenty of tripe; I've only watched about 15 minutes of it so far. It does not start well; some rapper telling us that if you aren't happy with your burger at Burger King, you can't just talk to the cashier or the manager, you have to talk to the Franchise Owner. I'm guessing that the analogy is that "burger" is the economy, "Burger King" is the country, the cashier is some minor functionary and the manager is the President. The Franchise Owner is Mr Build-A-Burger, I'm guessing. Heavy, man, heavy.

I doubt I will make any effort at debunking this video, but I will append some thoughts to this post as I watch the rest.

Update 1: Check out the adventure of the fire alarm starting at about 25:00 in. Alex and his kook brigade are staying at some hotel and just as Alex is about to give an interview, a fire alarm goes off. Alex is convinced it was all a plot to prevent him from giving an interview with George Noory of Coast to Coast AM and refuses to leave the building. Classic paranoia!

ETA: New Alex Jones debunking blog noted. Good luck to SME!