Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Grifter, Part III

He gets into all the "experts" for 9-11 Troofiness. Hilariously, he starts off with SPINE (Scientific Panel Investigating Nine-Eleven). I suppose at some point I will get tired of pointing this out, but SPINE talks about the Zionists and at least implies that Israel was involved in the attacks:

Question 6. Are you saying the Jews are behind 911?

Answer: Certainly not. Although Israel is ostensibly a Jewish state, its actions in the middle east are in direct conflict with Jewish Law, ethics and morality. The European (Khazarite) Jews may be described as double victims, suffering not only from centuries of persecution after the fall of Muslim Spain, but from the deceptive practices adopted by the Zionist planners responsible for Israel. Myths such as “a land without people for a people without land” (both questionable propositions) misled thousands of settlers in the Jewish proto-state, followed by millions later.

As a general rule, zionist organizations in the west have only one tool with which to counter revelations of the myth-building exercise. Whoever makes such claims is labeled an “anti-semite,” a peculiarly ironic charge under the circumstances.

SPINE links directly to all sorts of questionable websites, like Killtown, Let's Roll 9-11 (Phil Jayhan's pod site), the Liberty Forum, which SPINE helpfully advises us:

Zionists behind 911, contains an extensive news story bibliography.

As well as Mujca, Barrett's site, an article by Holocaust Denier Nick Kollerstrom, CIT, rabid anti-Semite (and early "Truther") Carol Valentine, and 9-11 We Know (where you can buy the Ernst Zundel story). How freaking obvious is it that SPINE should be treated as poison by the movement? And yet Griffin endorses it here, and every single one of these "Mop-Pushers for 9-11 Troof" professional groups links it as well.