Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kos Diarist Banned for Troofer Post

This is the post that got him banned.

But the greatest failure of Democrats and the progressive left in the last 8 years has been to allow the delusional ravings of a few to inoculate the Bush junta on 911. Just because some think that space beams destroyed the Twin Towers is no reason to believe the depiction of 911 presented by Bush/Cheney or the fraud that is the 911 Commission. There's nothing realistic about believing the Bush administration has lied about everything except 911.

He recommends that steaming pile, 9-11 Press for Troof, and outs himself as a LIHOI fruitcake:

I just want people to understand they let it happen. Because that is the proven truth, so far. Whether they let it happen on purpose is a legitimate line of investigation. But because of the left's phobia with 911, we can't even get the message out that Bushco let 911 happen through incompetence. And that pisses me off.

Now there's a movement to get him reinstated:

In light of Tocquedeville's many contributions to this site, and in light of the fact that the diary he was banned for is actually not a conspiracy theory diary, I am starting a petition to get him unbanned.

Currently the poll over there is running about 2-1 in favor of unbanning. I checked and apparently Tocquedeville is a fairly popular diarist over there, with some of his posts attracting 2500+ comments.

Was it a CT diary? I'd say it comes right up to the line. Press for Truth is a crackpot movie dressed up a bit to seem like it's "Just asking questions". But more important is that the post is advocating more discussion of 9-11 CTs without the nasty label of Conspiracy Theories. It seems obvious that if this post stands, then it's Katie bar the door.