Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Moron David Ray Griffin in Boston

I listened to a bit more this evening while out for a bike ride. Grifter's theme is that suddenly there's new evidence that means you can no longer laugh off the Troofers; of course as we shall see, the new evidence is in fact much of the stuff we've been discussing here for years.

We get long bits of the "Zelikow was a Bush/Cheney insider", which is hardly a novelty. The Shenon book comes up without Grifter mentioning that Shenon laughed at the conspiracy theories. Oddly Griffin does the "air quotes" thing that Kevin Barrett used so often, but only with his right hand and not his left.

The part about NIST starting at 5:30 in is really offensive, and I would guess actionable at about 7:25:

"The authors, with their PhDs in physics and engineering, could not possibly believe the things they had written."

I have to question whether Griffin could possibly believe the things he has written and said. I'm still amazed that there hasn't been more of an effort from the movement to get him off the Pentagon and the cellphone/airfone calls. Yes, the phone calls get a long going over; the new evidence is the same old crap Grifter was selling in 2007 about how the Moussaoui trial evidence doesn't back up the Barbara Olsen phone calls.

Griffin also reveals that his next book will be on WTC 7; given that the evidence he cites in his lecture is mostly stuff like Barry Jennings we can hardly wait.