Thursday, May 14, 2009

New Eyewitness Surfaces

In Ottawa, of all places. And he's a Truther himself! He claims to have been working for Merrill Lynch in NYC on 9-11, and miracle of miracles, should have been in the North Tower when it was hit, making him yet another Troofer who should have died on 9-11 but didn't because they were running a little late that day. So David Long joins Richard Andrew Grove and Indira Singh in that fortunate group.

His story has some holes in it; for example, he says it was Building 2 that was hit first, and that there was lots of debris impeding his path along Fulton Street. But in fact, Building 1 was hit first and there would have not been a whole lot of debris on Fulton Street at that point as it was on the east side of WTC1, which was hit from north.

He appears to be taking something of a no-planer approach. He gets wrong the order of collapses, saying that the first tower hit was the first tower to collapse. He claims to have seen no damage to WTC-7 but from his position (north of City Hall), he could only see the north side of the building and probably not much of that.

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