Friday, May 29, 2009

Whoops There Goes Neils Harritt

Barrett and Harritt, together again for the first time. How does it happen that the newest superstar of 9-11 Troof, whose name sits atop the "peer-reviewed paper" that the goofs have been pushing, finds himself sharing a stage with Holocaust Denier and No-Plane sympathizer Kevin Barrett?

How does it happen? Because Harritt himself is a kook as you can see from the brief segment of him shown in the trailer. BTW, in the long JFK speech aired, Kennedy is referring to the communists, although the kooks always claim it's the NWO.

Seriously, at this point I'm starting to feel like we're bullies on the beach, knocking down the sand castles of a bunch of special ed kids.

Hat Tip: BG, our original "Truther" commenter.

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