Sunday, July 26, 2009

Kevin Barrett Calls Us a "Gossip Column"

Kevin Barrett interviews journalist Jonathan Kay, who is writing a book on the truther movement, and the subject of this blog comes up. I am not offended, God knows I have called Barrett worse than that, but I found this characterization amusing. From 12 minutes in.

Kay: In terms of resources that a counter-truther would find useful. There are lots of websites. There are 2 websites, one is called 911 Myths, the other is called Screw Loose Change I think.

Barrett: Right, Screw Loose Change is just a gossip column. It has never made any attempts to present any coherent argument. It is just a gossip column.

For good measure Barrett repeats this description later in the show.

That is not at all true, I gave up covering the Brangelina story weeks ago...

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