Friday, July 24, 2009

Steve Alten's Other Theory

You may remember this guy for his novel, The Shell Game, which the Troofers pushed during the infamous "Week of Truth" last year. Turns out Alten (who's appearing at Sander Hicks' 9-11 Festival) has another interesting theory:

In March of 2005, two University students from the mid-western U.S. traveled to the United Kingdom on Spring Break. On their last day at Loch Ness, they
hired a local to take them around by boat, where they discovered a half-eaten
deer carcass...and the 4-inch barbed palate tooth of the water predator that had
attacked and ravaged the deer! Their discovery flies in the face of the
legendary creature the Scottish Highlanders have proclaimed to be a plesiosaur, and
confirms the theories generated by author Steve Alten's amazing new thriller,

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