Friday, July 17, 2009

Loose Change the 97th Cut

The latest trailer:

I like that Microcinema's logo is an empty chair; how appropriate is that? I'm not sure if the narrator in this particular segment is Sunjata; if it is, wow, they should go back to Dylan, because that is the least dramatic voice I've heard on any of these nutbar videos.

Note the accelerated video of the collapse of the North Tower; he does that twice so I assume it's intentional. There are some indications we'll get new stuff in the video; Steven Jones' red and gray chips look likely to get a workout. But so do squibs and the BS about how we need video of Atta getting on the plane.

And I still don't get the 9-22 release date; am I the only person baffled by that decision? Maybe the problem is that they know if it's released before 9-11 it will get extensively duped and so the Avery Foundation won't be able to pursue its charitable mission? So they're hoping to hook the suckers in after the 9-11-09 Festivities?

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