Sunday, August 16, 2009

Dylan Logic

Well I am back from my 2 week annual training for the National Guard, practicing setting up detention centers for troofers of course, and am getting caught up with things.

I listened to the interview with Dylan Avery that Pat posted below, and am still shaking my head at this exchange with the host at the end.

Dylan: I would disagree with you, especially when 17 members of the Bush administration signed a document in September 2000 calling for a new Pearl Harbor and saying if they got it, they could advance their military and stage multi-theater wars.

Mike: But they didn't actually call for it. The wording in the document. You are talking about the Project for a New American Century right?

Dylan: Process yes, "the process of transformation is likely to be a long one, absent a catalyzing and catastrophic event." Of course they are not calling for it.

Mike: You just said they were. And that is where you have to be careful with the wording of how you say things.

Dylan: (sigh) You understand what I am saying Mike.

Mike: I do...

Dylan: The fact that 17 members of the Bush administration a year prior...

Mike: But this is a very good example of conservative thinktank policy. They do this all the time. They write papers all the time.

Dylan: But that is my point, is that the people who wrote this paper calling for a new Pearl Harbor...

Mike: But they weren't calling for it! Read it again. They weren't calling for it.

Dylan: OK, Mike, but you are distracting from the main point.

Well apparently they were calling for it, but they weren't calling for it.


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